Service Invoicing to Customer

I would like to configure service invoicing in Manager, guide me how to do

Car given for Hire purpose to a Client / Customer

  1. Customer may pay based on the KM running (Arriving the Total Running KM By Capturing Starting , Ending KM of Every Trip in a Day) and multiply the KM by the fixed rate.
  2. They may pay the same by trip basis fixed amount based on the KM slab fixed (for Km 1- 50 amount is 150, for km 51-100 amount 250, etc.,)

how to configure the same, guide me please. I’m having little programming knowledge.

You could do this under Settings - Sales Invoice Items by having the following:
Hire by Km
Hire to 50 Km
Hire 50 - 100 km

You can insert the rates under Unit Price, for the Hire by Km you add the qty during the invoicing

Dear Brucanna,

Please accept my thanks to your guidance on my query, This was im following right now to generate the invoice. Now My requirement is i need to capture the Starting Kilometer and Ending Kilometer of every trip taken on the day. ie I need to generate invoice based on the data captured Daywise , Tripwise Running Kilometer which is calculated from Starting Kilometer and Ending Kilometer

I hope there might be a solution on the above query. Further guidance please…

Currently the km’s would need to be recorded separately from Manager and then posted to your Customer’s account via Sales Invoices.

Dear Brucanna,

You are correct absolutely, how to do that, could you please elaborate a bit ?

The recording of the km’s would be done exactly in the same way as you doing know as per your report above. Then each entry on that report would be posted into Manager using the Customer & Sales Invoicing tabs. Manager can’t be used to capture the km’s

Oh… :disappointed_relieved: Any have thanks for your support Brucanna :clap::+1: