Separating products purchased and products received in 'Inv Qty mov report'

We use the ‘Inventory Quantity movement report’ (exported to excel) to track monthly usage, when it’s time to reorder etc.
A lot of our purchases are done way in advance due to lead time and transportation time (sometimes 6-9 months in advance).

The ‘Inventory Quantity movement report’ will just show me what has been purchased during that set period but not what was actually received. Is there any way to generate a similar report on what was received?

If you are not doing so, you need to be using goods receipts. Otherwise, Manager assumes an item has been received the moment its purchase is recorded. You will need a custom report. Start with the definition below and add whatever else you want. Delete what you don’t want. Include a date filter, order instructions, etc.


This produces something like this:

You will have to work out the details yourself.

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Thank you @Tut for the walk through, it was needed!