Sending suppliers a purchase invoice seems odd

We are running a business such that, in effect, most inventory is on consignment (this is an art gallery, using a separate inventory system), and after a few sales of a “vendor’s” / artist’s, items we pay them by issuing a purchase invoice, for which we immediately issue a payment, and email the resulting purchase invoice (showing the paid balance) to them.
I believe this is the correct approach, in that it seems to be working correctly. However, it just seems weird to be emailing THEM a “Purchase Invoice” (entitled as such) that should have in theory been created BY them, and sent to US!
Is there a better or more correct way to do this, or might there be a mechanism whereby the document we send them might be re-named to something more reflective of the actual transaction?

In Australia this is referred to as a “Recipient Created Tax Invoice” and has a required format as per this link: Recipient-created tax invoices | Australian Taxation Office (

As far as I know Manager does not cater for this.

We have it as well in Bahrain and it’s called self billing.

I think there might be something like this in every country because of VAT.

@Metalsmith, I wonder why you are bothering with purchase invoices, because you are doing nothing on credit. And you are not using Manager’s inventory system. So you are taking an unnecessary detour through Accounts payable. Why not simply send a payment form? Line items on the payment can be taken from your separate inventory/sales records. You can still record your payees as suppliers, now that that feature has been added to the program.

If you want to keep your current approach, however, you could develop a custom theme with a different title to use for these situations. See Change a form title | Manager.

Thanks to all of you for that–interesting info about the approaches some of the other countries use.
I am in (former?!) trumplandia.

But thanks mostly, of course, to you, Tut. You’re absolutely right–the “detour” through the invoice IS totally unnecessary, and the result from sending just a filled-out payment form is pretty much identical.
I think I got that invoice idea from something I read possibly on this very forum about handling consignment, (or it could just as easily been from my sometimes over-active imagination…).

I’ll keep that info about custom themes under my hat as well.

Still so very impressed with this program, particularly its flexibility!

Thanks again,