Secondary currency on invoices

It works for me but with the following caveat
You need to define base currency
You need to define foreign currency
You need to set exchange rate
You need to set customer up for foreign currency
Then the option to print total in base currency on new invoices

Not sure if it works for existing invoices

Ah! thanks, works fine for me too.

Yes, it does, as long as all the other conditions are satisfied.

Thanks, lets try

Dear @lubos

Thank you, this is very helpful and a good start.
Ideally this should be shown just under the total of the 1000$ example you posted plus the exchange rate used. For example: “Total amount in AUD (Exchange rate 1.62690)” and then “1,626.90” in a box below the 1000 USD.

Thank you.

@Leifur, if you want to do your own graphic design of forms, you can, with custom themes. This information is being treated as a custom field, which you can put wherever you want. See You could also use a custom field for the exchange rate.

very nice option @lubos, thanks
will be great if its add to Form Defaults in setting of sales invoice

It is already there. But, just as with any sales invoice, you need to first satisfy all the conditions @Joe91 mentioned above before the option appears. This is the only rational approach, because you would otherwise being showing the base currency amount to customers whose sales invoices were already in base currency.

you right its there in invoice but it should be appear in setting/ form defaults / sales invoice as the many option there ( like amount in words … etc.) . so it will be directly appear once the invoice had been made with foreign currency

You apparently misunderstood my answer, @maldroubi. It will appear, but only if the Form Default settings include a specific, foreign-currency customer. In turn, that requires that you have both a base currency and that customer’s foreign currency defined. Finally, you must have an exchange rate defined between the two currencies.

That is fine if you always sell to the same foreign-currency customer. Here is what you can do, however, if you have many foreign-currency customers:

  • In Form Defaults, select a customer meeting all those requirements
  • Check the box to show amount in base currency
  • Delete the Customer (and its address), but leave the box checked to show base currency
  • Click Update

Now, every time you create a sales invoice for a foreign-currency customer, the box will be checked.

This technique for setting hidden Form Defaults was covered in the March 2019 newsletter.

thank you @Tut . good trick. its work for me