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Dear @lubos
I have tested the code with ZATCA App it shows the code not correct. I would suggest downloading the app to check if the code is read by the app then the software is comply with ZATCA Rules

Please let me know if you need further information

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the same with me

Dear loubos
it doesn’t show VAT ID as per below

I do not have an account so can’t really use this app. And app saying code not being correct is not really that helpful anyway since it doesn’t tell why it’s not correct. It could be many things.

Perhaps timestamp & amount needs to be in specific format (made both to be in ISO format now). Or VAT registration number must be valid number (changed it now).

So test again on localization server if these changes made any difference.

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i tested it , its working properly on localization server @lubos


I have changed and added Correct VAT No to Localization file and tested the code it is still in Valid.

As I understood if the app read the QR Code then it is comply with ZATCA Rules.

I have attached QR Code Creation PDF. I hope it will help to check where is the error

QRCodeCreation.pdf (892.0 KB)

Please let me know if you need further information

@lubos Invoices sent via email in Manager do not have the QR code.

@lubos check this out

please see below after scan

Try to scan it from zakat app in android or iPhone then it has to be readable otherwise there is an error with the QR Code

Dear @lubos

I have tried ZATCA app in iphone and android on Cloud edition no 21.11.51 and desktop edition 21.11.51. I found both of these code are in valid.

will you be able to find out the error

I also suffer from the same problems

it same result by zakat app

رمز الاستجابه السريعه لا يعمل الان ولا يعطى معلومات الفاتوره .مع ان قد لاحظت انه قبل عده ايام كان يعمل

QR is working fine for me, Could you explain more about your problem with QR exactly?

@taher_haytham @wsu2005 do you still have problem with QR?

@Sama_marketing to get more help from other experienced forum members who do not understand Arabic you should write in english

I need help from someone to prepare the VAT return Form for Saudi Arabia.:saudi_arabia:

Dear Ehab

QR code is working but till now it is readable by ZATCA APP as stated above. This app is a key KPI for ZATCA compliance which may lead to penalty.

Have you tried this app and what is the result

If the app read the QR code then it is comply with the requirements

Appreciate your reply with results

You may download the app from

What’s wrong with the VAT return form? It looks fine to me.

I think this app is for verify VAT registration number, not for scan the Invoice’s QR.
Check this app
Invoice QR reader unofficial
I know it’s not the official app but it works.

I have other Software Provider used this App and it show all QR Code item list and it is also mention it is comply with ZATCA.

Yes please it does show in unofficial app but there is no assurance you will not get the fine if there is site visit from their side.

I need your support to reply if you have downloaded the app and it read the QR Code otherwise we should ask @lubos to check the QR Creation file which I share earlier to help him find the error