Same persone is A customer & supplier

I have an issue that some persons , who are related to our business are (Some time they are Supplier ,we purchases goods from them & Sometime they are our customers , we are selling goods to them.
I want the same person in the list of customers & suppliers .
If there is is any way to solve this issue kindly guide me .

You just create a customer and a supplier with the same name

But it will show the balances separate .
A/R and A/P

Is it possible to merge the ledgers of two persons .

No, unfortunately

Thanks for your reply . :slightly_smiling_face:

Any hopes for this to change in the future ?


The solution has been requested by many people (see Customers and Suppliers - #11 by Ealfardan) but is not in the ideas category so NG Software must dislike the idea for some reason

There is a work around as a solution for this problem .
You create X as a Customer and the same X as Supplier
Now create a cash account as X Cash Account
Whenever you raise a Sales invoice you receipt into that X Cash Account
Whenever you raise a Purchase invoice give a payment from that same X Cash Account
The X Cash Account will show you the Amount you owe X or X owe you