Sales To Inventory Posting Reconciliation

I am really new to Manager have read the whole Guide as well.Set up my Test biz and use it for a month. it is an Inventory based business with Sales mostly on Cash.
At end of the month, i observed as follow -

  • Inventories with Single unit & Packs items reflected NEGATIVE stock items.
    1 As Point of Information, i did created Inventory line item for Both Unit items and the Different Pack’s of same item.
    2 I did entered the Opening balances of such Inventory items to the Unit items only, given the Notion that all Sales(both Pack’ & Unit) will be deducted from the Unit’s line inventory figure.
    3 But it happens in the contrary creating the negative balances. See the attached PDF report.

Please how do I regularise, or go about handling items with BOTH UNIT AND PACK’S ITEMS for sale… THANKS.

First, you cannot attach files to forum posts. Yours was apparently stripped out by the system. You must post screen shots.

Second, your sales will only be deducted from the unit inventory item quantity if you sell them that way. Packs will not automatically be converted to units. To do that, you will need to enter production orders that create units from packs. Search the forum for the many discussions about this.

Third, unless you entered your starting balances incorrectly, negative quantities result from selling more than you have purchased or produced. Without seeing all your records, it is impossible to know what happened. For example, however, if you entered all your starting balance as units and then sold packs, the quantity for the packs item would be negative.

Illustrate what you have actually done with screens shots. Post one of a starting balance setup for an item. Then show that item’s status in Inventory Items. We can proceed from there.

Also, do you have the Goods Receipts and Delivery Notes tabs enabled? If so, have you created those transactions for your sales and purchases?

Thank you Tut, I appreciate your prompt response.
Am of the view that inability to notify users of exhausted inventory must have contributed to my plight as I found myself in a situate of backlog posting. However, been in a fix now and haven gone tru All in the GUIDE pertaining to Creating & Managing Inventory with no headway, please advise me specifically based on my Issue’s enumerated as follows -

My business is a Neighborhood Grocery shop. I buy/stock and sell mostly in Cash. Some of my Stocked items entails packing Units in 3’s 4’s, to sell @ discount. Also exist Iced and un-iced varieties to be sold @ different prices. All from same Inventory purchased from Suppliers itself in pack’s but now offered in units and repack.

With This background information, how do I manage my Sales to Inventory?


You can monitor inventory levels in the Inventory Items tab or with either of the inventory quantity reports. Negative numbers indicate you are in a backorder situation. But you may also be having problems because of improper use (or lack of use) of goods receipts and delivery notes. That is why I asked if those tabs were enabled. In the case of a grocery shop, I doubt they would be necessary and would definitely make more work.

All your other points are answered by telling you that every inventory item is assumed to be uniform in all units by the program. If you want to buy and sell in different configurations, you need to create separate inventory items: each, 3-pack, 4-pack, iced, un-iced, etc. Use production orders to convert one to another. There are many discussions of this on the forum.

I will try testing the Production order option, see how it goes and revert back to you.
Thank you.

For a business like yours it can be problematic using Inventory Items as some items (bread) can be sold before you have processed the Purchase Invoice.

Therefore, I suggest that you review the below topic which greatly simplifies your situation.