Sales schedule Requried (Installement Schedule)

  • Required Sales schedule in sales form which lock month wise & Amount wise installment schedule
    *Receivable report aging wise required as per sales schedule was locked at the time of invoice posting

Read about recurring sales invoices in this Guide: Manager Cloud.

You can create and save an Aged Receivables report for any date.

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available sales Schedule installment calculating issue Calculation must be installment wise & Month wise
Please support



Please check above original price 21099/- after adding 20% markup become 25247/- divided in equal 6 Installments amount wise and installment date wise due and Overdue calculated

Need this if you can support

I am not sure what you are asking for. It seems you may want to construct payment plans for installment purchases. Manager will not do that, as it is an accounting program that records transactions. It does not calculate time-purchase parameters for payments in advance. Nor does it calculate loan terms. You need other software or spreadsheets to do that.

This type of functionality only applies frequently to business that sold machinery ,automobile and electronics in installments (credit sales). Is a specialised thing if I’m not mistaken. The priority might not be high the way I’m seeing where the development goes (so many bugs that needs to address).

Is better for you to use alternative means, manager might not be the right choice for your type of transactions at the moment.