Sales Order: invoiced amount ignores withholding tax

Manager Version: 21.4.46
System OS: MacOS

The “invoiced” column of the “Sales Orders” section doesn’t count withholding tax of the corresponding “Sales Invoice”. I am not sure if it should or should not, but I do want to somehow show that the order is fulfilled. Screenshots and sample manager file attached.

Screenshot 1: Sales order showing invoiced amount as 9

Screenshot 2: Sales invoice showing invoiced amount as 10 having a withholding tax of 1.

Sample manager file to test:
Test.manager (72 KB)

You are looking at the result of a change that is only 15 hours old as I write this. Previously, there was no connection of any type between sales orders and invoices, except that a sales order reference number could be carried over to a sales invoice. The Invoiced column was just added as the first step in developing a more comprehensive status monitoring capability.

What you see is exactly correct. The Amount on the sales order is 10.00. The amount Invoiced, due to withholding tax, is 9.00. For now, the Sales Order tab will not give you complete status information. Until yesterday, it would not have given you any status information at all. This concept is still in the ideas category: Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea - #40 by lubos.