Sales invoice not bringing inventory location

Please, I need urgent help, sales invoice is not bringing out my inventory location even after selection the items.

You need to furnish more information. Not “bringing out” how?

The location show up under receipt & payment module but not in Sale invoice module.
I have inventory locations created and I have been creating sales invoices and selecting location of inventory which will show up Inventory location drop down immediately I select one item, but this evening I realized it did not show the drop down again…

Did you enable the Delivery Notes tab? If so, the Location field disappears. Location the item is being sold from is determined by the delivery note. Read this Guide:

Yes, I enabled delivery note. I now see that, this is the reason. does it mean that I can not issue delivery note to my customer if I want to create sales invoice with location? Thank you for your response.

Yes. The decision to use delivery notes has many consequences.