Sales Invoice Error

I’ve encountered an error on my sales invoice these days. I’m on cloud version.

I’ve noticed there’s 4 new invoice created, but without name and figure appearing on top of sales invoices. I managed to delete one of it, but not for the rests. My last invoice number is 16040.

When I view / edit the invoice, it shows nothing.

When I was trying to delete the invoice, as I don’t create this. But it shows the error message it was reference by other object…

How can I fix this?

The error message implies that there is another transaction which is relating to this one…
To check this go to Reports - General Ledger Transactions with From and To dates as 22/02/16.
If there are other entries, try and delete that one first, then try and re-delete the above.

As to their cause, you will need a technical response.
Perhaps before doing the above - do a backup in case your data file is needed for analysis…

These invoices have been probably created some time ago. It’s just that latest version puts these incomplete invoices (because they have no customer) at the top of the screen so you can clean up your file.

One thing I need to improve is that when something can’t be deleted, Manager will give you a list of items which reference it.