Sales invoice due date

is it possble to se up invoices without a due date
in other words a customer could have an open account

please search the forum before posting new questions. this has been discussed a few many times.

Perhaps there should be a toggle option in the Settings. Give people the ability to hide the due date from the built-in template if Invoice Date == Due Date.

The invoice would still show up as overdue in Manager, but to the customer they would see the invoice the same way they always have - no due date - without the need to use a custom template just to hide it.

Doing it this way returns some of the “functionality” that people were using before, whilst still enforcing that every invoice has a due date internally (which was the goal behind the recent change to force a due date).

This would probably lead to further confusion. There are many functions that are based on either due date and/or days overdue, including list sorting, aging reports, overdue stamps, and statements. Users who once toggled an option on the basis of invoice design might forget, a year later, what they did and not be able to figure out why the program presents seemingly contradictory information or presents it in what appears to be an inconsistent way.

And yet another person does not want Due Date on their invoices. Seems like there are quite a few people now. Isn’t it about time we started getting this requested as an option without having to delve into coding?

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A toggle option would have been a better option or rather revert to old version because copying and pasting gives an error and would like t invoice an invoice from November without any due date. Is there another way of removing the due date because the copy and paste does not work.

@Koketso_Ingrid_Mango, I have no idea why you are responding to me about copying and pasting. I have not mentioned either one in this topic thread.

The fact remains that Manager requires all invoices to have due dates so various functions can be performed. If you don’t assign one, the program will. You can suppress the appearance of the due date on a printed document by using a custom theme, but the due date will still exist.