Salary and payslip

hello, i created payslip iterms from setting, eg. nssf that are deductions and other deductions. I entered these deductions in a pay slip iterms as required for all emplyoyees.
my problem: as I have cleared paying those deductions, and later time I want to view total deductions for nssf as I entered for the whole year, how to view it??? or I should create another sub account in expenses and enter in it mannualy in every month when paying salary??? why should it be done automatic??

Did you create a separate account when adding the nssf deduction as payslip items?

Please show edit screens of your payslip items and of a payslip

Have you read and understood these Guides:

By default, all deductions are posted to Payroll liablities. There, they are mixed with deductions from various payslip items. But you can separate them by creating different liability accounts and assigning the items to those.

Also, have you looked at the various payroll reports in the Reports tab?