Rounding checkbox missing in sales order

Rounding checkbox option is not available in sales order edit screen

I think that option should be present in sales order as well

If a sales order grand total for example has value less than .50 after decimal( like 4.49, 6.35, 9.2 etc) and if a sales invoice is issued with Rounding option enabled, the grand total in sales invoice becomes floor value of the original total like 4,6,9 for above example

And the sales order status shows as partially invoiced in sales order tab, which is not correct because invoice has been issued by copying the same sales order, with same items, price, qty , tax(if any) etc.


Waiting to have Rounding Check box for Sales Order and Recurring Sales Order.

Dear Team,
I am using the Sales Order as a Retainer Invoice,
(For my Business, We practice the following, After requirement gathering, we give a Couple of Quotes to the Client, Only one will be selected and we copyto the Retainer Invoice [Sale Order in Manager], Then as we receive the payments, we copy it to Sales Invoice and mark that payment to this Created Sales Invoice,
Now we have clear status inside Sales Order How many invoices are yet to be created? If its status is Uninvoiced my team follows up for payments.
Waiting to have Rounding Option Check box for Sales Order and Recurring Sales Order to avoid rounding figure and to change the Status from Partially Invoiced to Invoiced.

A rounding option for sales orders would not seem to make sense. First, sales orders have no financial impact on your records. Second, the sales order is an internal document to which you can assign any price you like.

@Tut there is a reason this is in idea category, which means it does make sense to some people if not to you…