Right to Left Option

Hello managers,

Can i use left to right option in Invoice for Arabic,Urdu & Persian Languages in Manager.?

Do you mean right to left? And are you referring to the flow within words or the layout of a document?

Dear @Tut englush is left side language but arabic,urdu and persian is right sided languages i asking about invoice left to right

I know. That is why I asked.

You asked whether you can use a left-to-right option for those three languages. And that is what does not make sense. The entire layout of Manager is left-to-right. Many people who use right-to-left languages have complained about that. So why are you asking if you can use left-to-right with right-to-left languages?

Hi friend i want to make a invoice with RTL direction
means total in left side items will be in right sides
total item count in invoice

Please search the forum before posting. There are many topics about this subject.

Sorry for my mistake i want RTL but i wrote it wrong.
i want this type of invoice only change table layouts urdu is optional .
Capture bill

I’m planning to release support for RTL languages within upcoming few weeks. This feature request does have topic in ideas category already. See RTL support is a Must


Waiting boss for this feature