Retrieving data after a transfer from a hard drive

Can anyone help me retrieve my data? I just bought a new IMAC and transferred the data via an external hard drive from a 10 year old IMAC. I cannot open my database. I copied the error message below.
Please help!!

This business database is not valid
Manager data is stored in SQLite database. However it appears the file you are attempting to open is not a SQLite database.

You have not provided sufficient information to positively determine your issue. Most likely, you quite an old version of Manager on your old machine. Then, you downloaded and installed a current version on your new machine. Quite a while ago, Manager changed the structure of its database. For a long time, the necessary conversion software was included in the newer versions. But that was recently removed. Therefore, you will need to update in two stages: first to an older version of Manager that still included the conversion, then to the current version.

You can read the developer’s instructions for the process and find links to the interim version of the software in this thread:

I have not been able to download this version. Any ideas on how to do it?

Follow the instructions in the topic linked to above.

It will not download for me. I have an IMAC. It reads download for windows. Would that make a difference? I had Apple help assist me as well with no downloads.

You downloaded the wrong file. Mac, Windows, and Linux downloads are organized separately on GitHub.

Where do I find the right download for IMAC?
Thanks for your help!

You will need to choose this version number

Which Manager do I choose for apple? There are so many. I tried 21.2.39. It didn’t work.

I would start with this version

That is for windows. I have a MAC. I tried. It didn’t work.

the post specified a particular Manager version v20.9.89 it is available for all platforms

This what I get when I download 20.9.89. I am not to able to install or open
Not sure how to make this work.

What does your screen shot show? It includes a mix of Mac and Windows installation downloads.

I downloaded the Manager.msi-20.9.89 like you said. I cannot open or install it. What did I do wrong?

  • If you have a Mac, you need to download the mac version from the Apple mac link above (which has a .dmg file extension)
  • If you have a windows machine you need to download the windows version from the windows link above (which has a .msi file extension)
  • In both cases choose Manager version v20.9.89

See Retrieving data after a transfer from a hard drive - #8 by Patch

Deleting all your old downloads where you do not know which they are may help.

When I choose the dmg file for Apple above it doesn’t list the v20.9.89. Where do I find that link for the Mac?

I believe you should seriously consider buying access to the cloud version of Manager at least until you get a later computer. You are likely to find it a cost effective investment.

If you want to pursue your current approach, there are 752 versions listed in reverse chronological order at the link provided. You are correct the particular version you require is not on the first page.
At the bottom of the page there’s next and previous buttons.

I just purchased a new IMAC. That is my issue. When I went to transfer the data for Manager I am not able to open the older data on Manager. I did scroll through the the next buttons but it seemed that I was at the end.
It seems that you are getting frustrated with me. So, I will figure it out or not.
Thanks for your help,

@Betsy, rolling a desktop installation back to an obsolete version of Manager is not a trivial undertaking, as you have discovered. That is why @Patch suggested moving to the cloud edition. Notably, you do not need to open the program to migrate your data to the cloud edition. Your data is stored in a standalone data file in the application data folder. It can be imported to the cloud edition with no Manager version installed at all.