Restaurant/Cafeteria Accounting and Inventory

Is it possible to use this software for cafeteria accounting/inventory
such as:
costing of product (by specifying ingredients used in each item) etc.
for Order/Delivery
as POS software

Thanks for your support

Search the forum. There have been many discussions of Manager is restaurant settings. It is not, however, POS software.

In short:

  • Possibly,
  • Yes,
  • No.

Costing by product ingredients, it’s possible manager could accommodate this if you enter enough details in. For my use case it doesn’t work for me, but I haven’t yet tried to make it do that. My gut says “No,” but it’s a fine line.

Order/Delivery, certainly and I use it now for that purpose. Many people do. I utilise purchase invoices and purchase orders specifically for this (incoming in my use case) but others use it outbound.

POS software, this is not what Manager is for. You will need a different solution for that. I’m sure there are others that use it in that way, but this software is not for point of sale where you are selling X high volume product lines 500 times a day. It COULD (and does) manage the sale of 1000’s of product lines where you’re selling them maybe dozens of times a day. But the software does not integrate with POS equipment or external stock management tools. To be really POS ready you would need that integration.

Good luck and welcome to manager!

For POS, use a good quality Cash Registers or similar that outputs daily totals including tax considerations etc, then post that daily summary into Manager.