Request - Late Fee options

There are a few threads about this, but not one specifically requesting the change. Here’s a reply from @lubos back in 2015 answering why only ‘monthly’ is available as an option. The user wanted a daily option.

Please consider updating this feature to have additional options:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • fortnightly

The current implementation of ‘monthly’ works, but lacks practicality for those that would rather a much shorter time frame.

Personally, I’d prefer the ‘weekly’ option the most out of what I listed above.


In my opinion, rather than implement a range of choices, it would be more universal to have the options just be:

  • Do not charge
  • Charge every X days, with this option including a window for number of days

Agreed. Much more flexible.

Not exactly a 1:1 match with the existing functionality, but that’ll only cause a minor issue when updating to the version of Manager that has this change (e.g. if invoices with late fees exist when updating from an older business file, should lubos set these old monthly ones as 28, 30, or 31 days? - at the moment I assume it’s done based on the date).

Another related request - to be set under the ‘Settings’ tab:

  • Should late fees be automatically applied for new invoices? (Yes/No)
  • If the above is true, what the default % and # days should be.

For consistency with the rest of the program, I think any default values would be set on the sales invoice entry form, just like due date already is.

Good point.

I’d actually like to see an option for a $ rate so I could just add a numerical value e.g 5 for a $5.00 late fee etc.

Also suggest an option for One Time charge for any late payment.


The following topic discusses the impact that late fees are having on the “total amount in words” for an invoice in India, so it is partially related to this idea / request … in that, any changes to the late fee implementation should probably take this other thread into account as well:

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Would love this feature! Is there a timeline somewhere for what is being worked on?

We left Xero and came to Manager for the ability to add finance charges and offer early payment discounts but since we use net10 and add charges at 20, Manager doesn’t work as smoothly at we’d like.

No. There used to be a Roadmap on the web site, but it didn’t provide expectations on priority or schedule. It is no longer maintained.

Thanks Tut, that is disappointing but I know a road map can cause problems for a developer. We left Xero primarily because they lacked these basic features but they also didn’t follow through on their promises. It seems our old Peachtree had many more features than anything offered online now. I hope these features will be expanded in the near future as I’d really hate to have to switch again. We really do like Manager.
Do you know if there’s a team of developers or only one?

Throughout my knowledge lubos is the only one I knew as Developer in the forum.