Request for Liquid Placeholder Support in Footers

I wanted to share an idea that I believe could greatly enhance the customization capabilities of – the inclusion of Liquid placeholders in footers.

As many of you may know, footers in currently are static additions, which are useful to some extent. However, having the ability to utilize Liquid placeholders in footers would open up a world of possibilities for customizing and personalizing documents even further.

For instance, consider a scenario where we want to display specific terms and conditions below an offer. With Liquid support, we could dynamically insert the recipient’s name using a placeholder like {{ }}, making the document feel more personalized and professional.

I believe this feature could significantly improve the flexibility and functionality of, empowering users to create more tailored and engaging documents for their clients.

Now, the question arises: How can we effectively communicate this idea to the development team? I encourage all of us to join forces and collaborate on this. Sharing our thoughts, experiences, and suggestions here in the forum is a great way to start the conversation. Let’s use this platform to brainstorm, discuss, and refine the concept together.

Additionally, if any of you have experience in dealing with the development team or have ideas on how to make them aware of this proposal, please feel free to share your insights. Our collective input and effort will be instrumental in turning this idea into a reality.

Let’s make even better by advocating for Liquid placeholder support in footers and other enhancements that can elevate our experience with the platform.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and contributions!

Read post at Themes moved under "Obsolete Features" - #33 by lubos specifically:

Customization of invoices will be through javascript which is easier to understand and debug than liquid markup.

Thanks for reference. I quickly checked and it is true that writing:

<div class="RecipientName"></div>

    $(document).ready(function() {
        const recipientName = $("#RecipientName").text();

already works. For this use case, I find it a bit less legible than liquid syntax which is already built-in but not available for footers. Hence I believe that liquid addition would be also be an interesting complement but I understand it might never happen then.

Indeed it will not happen, see in same post by @Lubos (the developer):

I’m not yet there. This is multi-step process to get there but once I get there, all users will naturally prefer javascript over liquid markup for their customization needs. Liquid markup is unfortunately all or nothing proposition - you have to have the entire invoice rewritten even for the tiniest customizations. Javascript allows progressive enhancement.

I think he is referring to template customization. There I agree jQuery might enables partial enhancements/relocations. You can also do css customization but the generated pages is still using large portion of inline style making it not so convenient.

Anyway for footers, you always start from scratch so the same justification cannot hold.

I think that javascript is sufficient. There is no need to continue with liquid as the developer already tried to explain. Let’s move on, the functionality you wish for can be accomplished using javascript. Even if you may not like the syntax many others are far more familiar with it than liquid.