Request for improvement to bank reconciliation format

Thanks, totally missed that button! I’ve voted now.

Okay so here is how to get the pending deposit and pending withdrawals for past reconciliations.

  1. Find the period you want that information for. The discrepancy would be 0.00

  2. Edit the reconciliation and just change the statement balance (you can add or remove a decimal).

Annotation 2020-07-04 080310

The reconciliation status will change to Not reconciled and the discrepancy amount will now be clickable.

  1. When the discrepancy amount is clicked, it will reveal all the cleared and uncleared transactions for that bank account up to the date of reconciliation.

  2. Highlight/select the transactions and paste them into some spreadsheet and work with it from there (File them, do a report etc). As we already know, unreconciled transactions are presented first and reconciled transaction follows below.

Don’t forget to go back and correct the statement balance to change the status back to reconciled.

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Thanks for this Abeiku, I will certainly try it… much faster work around than trying to identify them manually!

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The latest version (20.8.44) will show pending deposits and pending withdrawals individually on bank reconciliation view screen if applicable.

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Excellent, great to have the list of pending entries back again :slight_smile: :grinning:

Great to have this back. But I still wish you add a column that shows the last successful reconciliation in the bank account tab.

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