Request for adding Currency data type on Custom Fields

@lubos, @Tut. It would be great if we have one more data type i.e. Currency for custom fields. Could you move this topic in the ideas category if that’s okay. Thank you!

What do you mean by a Currency datatype?

If you mean currency code eg USD, GBP then you could use a dropdown list
If you mean a value, use a numeric field

And what would you use it for?

I mean when creating a custom field there should be Currency too in the Type selection drop-down as shown below in the snapshot;


It is because I am using a custom fields in custom themes which includes calculations of amounts. You’re right, I could use number type for values and it works but it’s not giving me the currency related things on a finished form i.e. code, symbol, auto-decimal setting etc. So, that’s why I was suggesting that if it is a currency type custom field then it could possibly do the needful.

There is no such thing a currency datatype.

The features you are talking about are because they have been programmed into Manager and/or the operating system

You could do the same in liquid inside your custom theme

@Karimi, having a currency type field would not help with what you want. The program does not have any ability to make use of them. Themes are, as you should know, written in Liquid. Calculations using custom fields are limited to the arithmetic filters available in Liquid, and none of them include currency functions. See

@Tut, the link you shared is not working, I think you meant this: … I followed this guide. Earlier, I was trying filters other than the arithmetic ones. Now, I know why it was not working. Thanks for the clarification!

Yes, you are correct, @Karimi. I copied the wrong link because the public web site was in the middle of its automatic rebuilding process. So I accidentally linked to a site only available to moderators. My apology. I will edit that link.

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@Tut. How about renaming this topic to “Request to add support of currency/money filters in custom themes” and moving it to ideas category? Just a thought.

Liquid has no such filters, only the ones listed in the Guide.