Request: Find & Recode - Tracking Codes

I created several accounts that are highly specific. I’d like to combine these into a single account, and instead use tracking codes to differentiate the transactions.

e.g. Chart of Accounts (current)

  • Type of expense - Variation A
  • Type of expense - Variation B

What I’d like it to look like instead:

Chart of Accounts:

  • Type of expense

Tracking codes:

  • Variation A
  • Variation B

Since I had previously imported a large number of transactions using Bank Rules, which categorised them into the old naming convention, I would now like to recode them to the updated naming convention.

“Find & Recode” on the transactions list allows me to change all “Type of expense - Variation A” into the “Type of expense” account … but I can’t set “Variation A” as a tracking code at the same time.

This would be useful functionality to have.

Others have also requested this: Add Tracking Code to Recode Account Bulk Update

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