Improve Find and Recode to include Tracking Codes

Currently Find and Recode has a flexible text search input to filter transactions that need to be updated. :smile: The a new Account field can be selected and a Bulk Update performed on the selected transactions. This is great for allocating transactions after a bank import but doesn’t help if Tracking Codes need to be added or changed. :thinking:

Please :pray: can you add the Tracking Code option to the Find and Recode function so you can change Account and Tracking Code. This enables adding the Tracking Code after bank import if it wasn’t added by a bank rule, as well as enables easy allocating/reallocating Tracking Code to line items in bulk which would save hours of work. :sweat_smile:

This should be very easy to enable given that the Bank Rule function already addresses it and that the format is already set up in Find and Recode.

Such a small change will add big benefits for users who routinely use Tracking Codes. :joy:

Support for transaction level parameters such a customer/supplier/other flag and a specific customer/ supplier would also be appreciated.