Request - add invoice drop down in bank rules

Currently there is no option to add an invoice number when setting up a bank rule.
Also, once you press edit on the bank rule to add an invoice number, it clears the preset fields.
Use case: Customers arrange a payment plan and pay off invoice in weekly installments. They set up a direct debit which will contain the exact same reference each week. We should be able to add an invoice number to a bank rule and then it would be a case of just ticking the box beside the imported transaction. Right now we are having go in and edit each and every one of these types of transactions.

Uncategorised transactions -example of reference with invoice number

Setting up a bank rule - no option to add invoice
Bank rule has been set

Press edit on bank rule to add invoice number and preset fields of acct receivable etc have been cleared.

@lubos can invoice number please be added to bank rules?

I am not arguing against your idea. But do you know an undesignated bank receipt posted to a customer’s account will be automatically applied to open invoices?

Yes, we are aware of that and use that option in some circumstances. Request is for allocation to specific invoice.