Request: Add employee to contact types

I’d love to have Employee be added to the payee contact drop down on the payments tab.



Good idea
I support this

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also, add Capital Account and Special Accounts Name

I support this strongly

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@Mahfuzur_Rahman, you cannot make a payment to or receive money from an account in your chart of accounts. Payments and receipts are movements of funds out of or into a business. They are posted to accounts in the chart of accounts.

@Bonanitea, see my response above.

I’d love to see it, too!
This is very helpful for working with salary. To process salary payment for the time being, I simply opt Other from the contact list, then type in employee name manually.
That would be great if Employee can be listed on Contact as well.

@Tut Shouldn`t we be able to use the"Employee clearing account"? It’s behavior is very similar to Customers/Suppliers.

No. It is not similar at all. Customers and Suppliers are subsidiary ledgers of control accounts. Employee clearing account is a control account in its own right.

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