Reports in CSV format

Is there a way to get reports in CSV format?

There is Export button in bottom-right corner under all reports.

I’m having problems with this…

When I click on Export it is a TSV File (.tsv) and will not open…

My computer says I don’t have a App to open it?

Just change the extension to csv and open it in any spreadsheet application by opening the application and going file->open that file.

Can’t find a option to change it to CSV?

At the moment I’m using a webpage converter to turn it into a Excel file…

In windows (assuming your OS) right click on the file and click rename. Just make sure under file options in file explorer that you can see file extension. Just change filename.tsv to filename.csv. It will prompt you that you changed the file name and are you sure you want to do this. Just click yes.

Thanks, that works!!