Reporting categories to be shown on list of tax codes

I’m trying to create new categories for UK localization and I am facing a difficulty trying to focus on all the reporting categories.

The problem is for a single tax code – take reverse charges for example, the categories are spread over all 4 different submenus. They’re all related, and it would be very helpful if I can view all related fields at once.

Just like @Tut’s requested for custom fields, if we can have all of the Tax Codes reporting categories displayed in a single table with the type (i.e. net amount, tax amount, reverse charged net amount, reverse charged tax amount) shown in a separate extra column.

This way we can view all or search/filter to get everything we want in a single screen. That would make working with reporting categories a lot easier.

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Just to clarify. What you need is to be able to see what reporting categories are set on tax codes on Tax Codes screen without clicking Edit button on each of them. Correct?

That would be good, but my original request is for Reporting Categories hierarchy to be flattened so that we have three submenus:

  • Label
  • Payslip
  • Tax Codes

And each of these categories links to one table view.

For example, instead of navigating through the current submenus, the user can search the single table for “tax amount” to get all tax amount categories.

Similarly, the user can also search “reverse charge” to get all reverse charged categories in Tax Amount, Net Amount, Reverse Charged Tax Amount and Reverse Charged Net Amount in one screen.