Report - Purchase Invoices grouped by suppliers

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I would like to create a report that shows all Purchase Invoices for a given period with columns “Total Amount Paid” and “VAT”, grouped by Supplier.

The closest I have found in Manager is the “Taxable Purchases by Supplier” report where it groups the rows first by VAT and then by Supplier. In my case, I need to show each invoice grouped by supplier with the 2 above-mentioned columns.

Is this possible with and can someone point me in the right direction how I would go about doing it?

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I think you are going to have to construct such a report in a spreadsheet using exports from at least two custom reports. In one, you will need to list credits to Tax payable by supplier from the general ledger transactions table. In the other(s), you will have to list amounts, filtering for the expense accounts you are interested in. It will not be simple.

If I were you, I would figure out how to use the existing report, possibly drilling down on figures within it and exporting the resulting lists.

Thanks for the quick answer, @Tut.

I’d like to ask @lubos: do you have any pointers regarding this? Is there any way I can extend Manager in PHP and make it perform these queries against the sqlite database?

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Have a look at this report, is it close to what you need Creating a test business, importing the localisation and experimenting with test data / modifying the report is the easiest way to find out.

The sort of things involved in modifying it to your requirements is described here Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide But as noted in the link, you may want to wait a bit before starting

Also see for other access
The Manager API and API Question - POST/PUT process - Ignore, Solved
For custom reports see Create custom reports | Manager

What you are asking for is basically “Taxable Purchases by Supplier” but instead of showing totals per supplier, you want to go one level deeper to show individual invoices. Correct?

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It would be great if this report could be generated by system for suppliers and customers

It would be very useful