Report for tax

Is there a report that I can compare 2 monthly tax refund/to pay amounts over a year ie
june july debit 800 credit 0
august september debit 0 credit 500
october november debit 450 credit 0
client wants me to give her comparison of her 2 monthly GST returns

I’m not sure your client’s request makes sense. You seem to be describing balances of tax liability accounts. Balance sheets are prepared for an as-at date, not a period of time. You could prepare a balance sheet report with comparative columns showing the balances every two months.

I am not sure where the balance sheet comes into it any way I did a tax reconciliation report and did comparison columns for the different months

You mentioned to-pay amounts, implying you were interested in the balance of tax liability accounts.

Your Tax Reconciliation report reflects the tax amounts collectible and payable on sales and purchases, which is not quite the same thing. But, if that is what your client wants, your report structure looks correct.

You need to address whatever is in Suspense, however.

suspense is things that have not been coded yet as they have no gst on them and does not come into the GST retrun.I go back and code the rest of it for year end most of it is drawings .I was only doing the 2 months GST returns and she wanted to know how much she paid last year with this year