Report File Name Inconsistencies

I though payslips also attach a pdf.
Loss of emailing payslips would also be a step backwards.

Perhaps emailing a html version of the documents would be a solution.

I’ve been testing this but it doesn’t work. Email clients are suspecting HTML attachments to be form of phishing.

I support the benefits, but please consider the security risk with links to the server. Could you consider doing away with PDF generator for reports but keep the PDF generator for Documents, e.g. Customer Invoices etc.?

I support the idea of links to documents, i.e. extending the Customer Portal, but certain customers prefer to receive the Invoice as an attachment. Can this be implemented as an option, i.e. Setting per Customer to either send a link or attach the document?

Edit: Preferred options would be link with attachment, link without attachment or attachment without link.

I have not done low level email construction however I thought most formatted emails are actually html.

So I was actually suggesting sending the payslip or invoice as the email body not as an attachment.

In my humble opinion, any user who understands how to set up SMTP will email directly from Manager, it does not make sense to save a file and then attach it to an external e-mail if you can send it directly from Manager.

I see what you mean. I’ve tested that too. That works as long as you keep your HTML simple and even then no guarantee it will display properly in email. But then there is still an issue if you want to print it to PDF within email client. Email clients will insist on printing the entire email, not just content body. That’s why attaching PDF is popular - it gives sender better control.

At significant loss of functionality, please reconsider. How many bugs are actually reported and what is the problem fixing these?

It also is better for the end-user. They save the files, can attach them in their own accounting package, etc.

True, it also gives a snapshot of the document at that point in time. A link to a file opens the question if the transaction has been edited since the last view.

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Fair enough. I do not know what is actually preferred. But either way can be implemented. Maybe sending email should send link to document as it was at that point of time. Customer portal would give access to live data.

Yes it is popular, please don’t remove the ability to attach documents, specifically Customer documents.

Other software I use utilises this pdf render engine Ghostscript which works well. To comply with the licensing requirement, users install the software them selves. The software then checks the dll has been installed or prompts to locate it.

I think building version management of Documents into Manager to record the state of a document every time a link is sent is unnecessary since this is already supported by attaching the PDF to an email which can be viewed under Emails. The link in my mind should be the same live view as the Customer portal and the attachment would be the version of the document at the time the email was sent.

For the Server version I would prefer the current simplicity of a single install and not be dependant on version changes / compatibility of external software.

@lubos I don’t know how you will implement this but I hope you take into consideration the following two things:

  1. Document headers. Almost all browsers and other PDF printers will print exactly 1header row of the table also they don’t support nested tables. This will mess up the invoice format.

  2. Page counters. When printing using browsers or PDF printers, there’s no way to show page counters without showing the URL, which isn’t suited for Preprinted letterheads. Even worse, when batch printing, all of the invoices will share the same page sequence which isn’t a desirable result.

I mean without these two if a batch printed invoices got mingled there’s no way to tell which page belongs to which invoice.

Also, in case solving these two things requires changes to the theme structure, please give us a heads up in advance so we don’t get into panic mode when things stop working.

These “benefits” seem of little value. Knowing a recipient has viewed a document does not mean they have absorbed it, kept it, or will act upon it. It only means they clicked something on a screen. Modified documents should be replaced and resent, not edited with the expectation or hope the recipient will revisit and see the change. Recalling is a forlorn hope unless the recipient shares the same email server. Even then, you have no guarantee they have not saved, printed, or forwarded the email already.

Relying on links seems like a very bad idea.



  • I use pdf copies of documents I send externally precisely because they are NOT changed by changes to my business data file or Manager program version number.

  • A dynamic copy of a document I have sent out would be an extremely bad thing in my opinion.


Also… an invoice in many jurisdictions cannot be changed once issued. And you cannot send an editable format. That’s why they should be sent in pdf.

PDF files are editable.

Pdf files can be counterfeit but it is a completely different film…