Report date = today?

The Manager Guide states that for reports “occasionally, an option exists to set the end of as-of date as Today. When that choice is selected, the report will always be up to date when viewed”. The problem is that for the P&L and Balance Sheet reports I generate, this is never an option. 98% of the time, I’m only interested in year-to-date (YTD) info, so having YTD reports on hand would be nice. Have I missed a setting somewhere that allows the specification of such reports?

For the P & L, create a report with the full year - unless you are entering transactions in advance, this will always give you the YTD values

I do not understand the issue. When creating a P&L report you can set start and closing dates (where you can select Today as today’s date. Balance sheets never have a start date as it will take the value from the business start until the date you select. You can search this forum or Google on Balance Sheet why it doesn’t make sense to be able to set a starting date other than that of the start of the business. See also Balance Sheet Report + Processing Provisions - #16 by eko

Thanks - this is a useful workaround. It’s not quite as elegant as the capability described in the Manager Guide but is “good enough” for my needs.

Just to clarify: all of my P&L reports have fixed start and end dates. The Manager Guide implies that it’s possible to specify the end date as “TODAY” rather than some fixed end date. For this type of report specification, the report would always be up to date when viewed. The problem is that I’ve never seen this capability implemented in Manager. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Whenever you create report the start date and the clicking on the today date would register the dates at that time. If you are a day later you need to reselect the today date as the former one has become yesterday’s date. Manager had no date automation, cron-jobs, etc that will automate this.

Manager does not support relative data specifications. I agree it would be a nice enhancement. A general solution to which is described here Datepicker Defaults - Feature Request - #2 by Patch