Removing due date

Ok, thank you! Well, this reply is more correct and more useful. Not only to me, but to all others who would try to make something similar. Now we know that there is no guarantees that our self-made layout will work with next update. It is useful to know.

Little update:
All I had to do is to write in code instead in english “Due Date” - in serbian (which is my default language) “Rok”

{% if field.label == ‘Due date’ %}{% if duedate == invoicedate %}{% continue %}{% endif %}{% endif %}

I Wrote:
{% if field.label == ‘Rok’ %}{% if rok == invoicedate %}{% continue %}{% endif %}{% endif %}

And everything works like a charm!

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It may work now. But if you change language preferences, it won’t. And if the Serbian translation team changes terminology, it won’t. (And they might do that if, for example, the terminology of the English version were to change to something like “Due by.”) By then, you might forget you made this change and wonder why Manager won’t show your theme correctly. The point is, when you use custom themes, you are on your own.


Thank you borismob… you saved my day man! (hope it works and in the future)

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