Release notes date issue

The release notes pages on the website currently has a defect where the section heading with the date is for the wrong month from the values within it. April 2024 covers the releases for May 2024, for example.

Also, the current and most recent builds are not detailed there.

Seems fine now.

Here’s what I see at the releases page right now - notice the column of dates with the highlighted month/year header (April 2024, March 2024…) but the next month below them (May 27, May 15…, Apr 29, Apr 14…):

On the right side there’s also the version number of these dated releases, being the most recent, though the current version from the downloads page is

Seems fine to me - there are not release notes for every release. There are release notes for enhancements but not for bug fixes

I see the problem, too, @lubos :

I tried multiple browsers and got the same result. I am guessing it is a server date/time issue. Those who report not seeing the problem are all further east than those who see the problem.

I don’t have this, I’m in Ireland GMT+1 now