Fixed Assets Depreciation

Is this possible to add clone or batch create features?
It is time consuming to do depreciation one by one for 100 items.
We used straight line method.

You cannot clone depreciation entries because there is no View screen for them. More options, including straight-line depreciation, have been promised for automatic depreciation.

we would like to request to add straight-line depreciation or clone feature asap
thanks in advance

currently, we found work around solution for straight line method
we will use first depreciation schedule and change date at depreciation entry

I tried to upload a jpeg file but not sure if worked. You said you cannot clone as there is no view screen for depreciation. By clicking on last month’s depreciation you see a screen showing depn for all assets for that month. If this could be cloned that would be good but maybe this is the wrong type of screen to clone.
Before Depreciation Entries tab was created you could see individual month depn amount before you entered new depn entry and just had to remember it for a couple of clicks. This is no longer the case and you need to write down each assets name and amount before going to Depreciation Entries tab. Currently new Depreciation Entries tab is making more work.

It is. What you have shown is an Edit screen. Cloning can only occur from a View screen.

You can still see previous months’ entries. Previously, the only way to see a depreciation entry was to drill down on the Accumulated Depreciation column for an asset in the Fixed Assets tab. You can still do exactly the same thing. In addition, you can see all entries for all assets in the new tab, rather than having to drill down through separate assets. Formerly, you had to click a button for a new depreciation entry. Now, you can do the same thing, but you do it in the Depreciation Entries tab and can—if you want—combine entries for multiple assets. Before, there was no calculation worksheet. Now, if you use the declining balance method, there is one and entries can be automatic.

So, while the process is now slightly different, it is less work, not more.

Combining entries is useful but I will need to keep a printed listing of previous month’s depreciation to enter new one where before this was not necessary.
I look forward to new straight line depreciation in Manager and hopefully there will be a way to clone previous month’s depn.

That is two straight line depreciation methods.
In my opinion it would be better to concentrate on implementing one method. A more logical approach in my opinion is:

  • A calculation worksheet which supported both straight line and residual value with annual depreciation specified and support for partial year calculations.

  • Batch create and update for more novel calculations.

With straight line depreciation the monthly depreciation is always the same unless there are new / disposed assets or an asset is completely depreciated. This is why I used the term clone. It is not a different depreciation method. Ideally it would be good to have depreciation automatically calculated within Manager but if not, I can see the use of an external worksheet as described if you have many assets but as I currently only have 4 assets still being depreciated it would be good to have a simple method of repeating previous month depreciation.

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agreed with you
clone feature will be effective for user who had more than 10 fixed assets