Recording work quoted and being done but not charged

Sorry is my wording is off, still learning here.

I have initiated work being done who gave me a quote for their work for $1000.

They have a 10% “mobilisation” fee.

The $1000 is a guide (or quote) and the work may end up costing more or less (let’s say more) :slight_smile:

They sent me a document detailing the above and being absolutely new to this I asked for an invoice for the mobilisation fee and this has now been paid.

In order to record this I created a supplier (XYZ) and have created a purchase order and called it XYZ Mobilsation Fee. Included the fee and paid it. My thinking is: she would then invoice me the remainder of the bill and I would treat it as a new transaction.

It seems to have got the job done, but doesn’t feel right.

The work isn’t yet finalised but should only continue for a very short time.

Should I instead create some sort of overall “quote” or “invoice” from her, with the deposit required and paid and balance outstanding with an open date for when it’s due or updated when she sends an invoice?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


If the supplier is submitting separate invoices, you only need to pay what is required on the invoice.
If their invoice details part payment #1 etc, you can record it in the description as such, but it is still a new invoice.

You have the option to just Spend Money and pay the invoice directly, or you can easily enter purchase invoices and track them as you have already done.

I think what you have done sounds fine.

Thanks for that. I don’t really have too much of an idea what I’m doing, so I’m “cuffing” it. Reading as much as I can here, and other similar forums.

I’ve been floating around some accounts/bookkeeping websites as well, so I’ll get there.

I was initially trying to use a spend money method of payment, but I couldn’t find a way to make it marry up with a supplier. ie, there is a payee field but if you go to the suppliers tab, it’s only got purchase invoices in there (and accounts payable and credits), but not monies paid to them by direct payment.

There are times with other suppliers for small orders where things will simply be paid for on the spot, and other times invoices with time to pay will be the case (especially for larger orders).

Is there a way to see everything that’s listed against a supplier? I did search the reports and ran quite a few of them. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Thanks again. All help is much appreciated.

Open the suppliers tab and then click on the link in the right hand side to see all transactions for a supplier.

I think that you have to use purchase invoices if you want to track against suppliers. I don’t think the spend money records against the supplier, even though you can use the supplier name in the payee field.

Thanks, I had tried that and no end of reporting, but it does appear that’s how it is. I’m pretty sure it needs a purchase invoice against them to be tracked against them.

That is correct.

@lubos, is there any chance that this behaviour could be amended so that if a supplier is selected in the Spend Money area, that it then shows in that suppliers accounts payable list (or equivalent list of transactions) and also in the Supplier Statement report?

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