Recieving cash in school from students

We are receiving cash from students in respect of Admission Fees, annual charges, Security Refund and Examination Fees. How can we link the following accounts:-

student, cash and above three accounts.

You can add Customers tab and treat each student as a customer. When their fees are due, you should issue an invoice. The benefit of using accounts receivable is that it will allow you to track which students still owe money.

Example…on 1 June Fees due by student. he will pay on 5 june.
What will be the entries on 1 june and 5 june?

You should create an invoice with due date on June 1. Then receive payment for that invoice on June 5 under Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab.

We have 350 students and Fees is almost same for all. Should I create 350 different invoices for each month for each student?

You have two choices in my opinion:

  1. Create 350 invoices, one for each student. If these invoices recur, you can set them up as recurring invoices. But each student must be a different customer. Receive money against the sales invoices.

  2. Publish a schedule of fees that apply to all students, with due dates. As students pay, simply receive money in a cash or bank account.

The advantage of #1 is that you can produce a statement for each student, but you must create a customer every time you have a new student. The advantage of #2 is that you have only half the transactions to enter. But you would lose all information about individual students and could not look up what any given student might owe.