Receipts are not showing for my user

What columns have you selected after clicking Edit Columns? What version are you using? And what permissions are allowed for the user, asif?

i am using cloud version and custom permission are allowed to user asif to view and edit for receipts , all options are selected under edit column,
1227 receipts are but not showing any of them

Still looking fro solution



Work fine on me

how do you give Permision for view and edit to user?
User who can Edit/Update Tansaction, should have permission to Create too

i also given view,creat,update,delete permission from admin side but not showing to user

It is better to show how you did the user access.

Tick Receipts and don’t tick the bank and cash account. This will let the user see all receipts.

If you restrict the user to a specific bank and cash account, user will only see the transaction on that account.

Thanks Solved

It would be helpful if you told us how the problem was solved.

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problem was solved just by changing the permissions of Bank Name.

What do you mean by “Bank Name” - that is not something that exists in Manager

Do you mean Bank account?

Yes! i mean bank account permissions for User , if we set a user with cash in hand all the receipts will be shown only cash in hand based