Receipt Printing

Looking forward to be able to edit the receipt just like the Invoice. :slight_smile:

@lubos we hope to be able to customise receipt template in near future

Can anyone provide receipt printing templates? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry to open this topic again, I need your help I am trying for a custom theme for delivery note only, for thermal printer size is width is 5.8 cm and height is 12.6 cm, if you can suggest something that would be a great help. thanks

seriously? you opened another topic regarding thermal printer a few days ago…i believe your query was answered then and there.

Manager is an accounting software and not a billing or POS software.
anything related to accounting cannot be practically printed with clarity on the paper size as mentioned by you.
so Manager already has provided what needs to be provided in an accounting software.
additionally Manager has provided the ability to create custom themes in case users want to create a theme as per their need (in your case a different paper size). it is upto the user to develop any custom theme.

also, please understand that posting the same question in different topics will not get you what you want. you have been provided with all the necessary answers already.

as I said it is a request if any one from forums can help with custom theme, I fully understand manager cannot provide custom theme for everything. so only requested for a custom theme if any one has. once again I am sorry if I disturb anyone. and spandan888 this is the only platform we can share our concerns and need, hope u will not use this “seriously” word again.

even if a user wishes to share their custom theme, it would be specific to their business and needs. you will still have to change various things in that theme.

also, if some user wants to help you make a custom theme they will do it even if you do not post the same questions in every possible topic on the forum. asking one time on the forum will be more than enough.

moreover, not every user would visit the forum every day. so asking for help which would need a user to specifically allocate their time to help you would be asking for too much. maybe it will take months. this is the reason other users like myself suggest you to find a local programmer to create a custom theme if you do not personally have the necessary skills.

please do not take anything personally. this forum, like every forum, has few simple rules which need to be honored as much as possible by every user. you can read them here

Currently it won’t be possible to create a custom theme for thermal printer. Mostly because size of documents is hard-coded to be A4 or Letter.

In future, Manager will allow to specify paper size which could facilitate this. Although I’m not sure about practicality.

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Thanks a lot Lubos, you are doing a great job so many demands from users, I understand it is difficult to meet them all, but thermal printer is a commonly used printer world over by small business as well as large businesses, not only for receipts but for billing as well, so it is great if you are thinking on those lines may be in near future we can use it in manager.

dear can you help me how can Drawing receipt with special design

please do not double-post your questions.

Hi, Lubos
is there any update on paper size

Good day sir. Can one print using thermal printer now?


Manager won’t support thermal printer as a core feature. This is something that will be solved by an add-on which will provide point of sale function on top of Manager.

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Please has this feature been introduced. Can one print on thermal printer now?

No, not yet

Hello Lubos, this thermal printer issues has been long due, please guys kindly work on this because its one of the basic necessities of all systems like manager. Now i just dont know how to issues out receipts to customers since i have the thermal printer and not ready to get any other printer and wast alot of ink and paper on printing.
Please is very serious since July 2014 this issues has been pending.Kindly take this very serious and work on it asap. Thank you

Why not pay someone to write a custom theme for you in a format suitable for printing on your thermal printer.

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