I see there are a few users who are service oriented businesses and a feature you have in Manager might be able to be expanded to make repetitive text entry for common jobs or descriptions in invoices in particular even better. I found a Thunderbird (email) add on that does what I am referring to. It is called QuickText and have been using this for several years now, (and now could not be without it).

I see the Notes feature in Sales Invoicing currently has one default notes option, and I could use a system similar to Quicktext to select one of many common Notes, for example I do a dozen or so different regular jobs, with common descriptions - some quite long winded, and having a menu bar of common notes would be a terrific time saver and I gather many users would find a use for it too, even if it has little to do with servicing tasks, but might have use in repetitive courier instructions, special banking or even packaging for internal staff.

If required, I can do a screen shot of my email menu of quick text headings and post it up if you are not familiar with QuickText or have not used it (and or Thunderbird).

As far as invoices go, Manager can already do this. You need to enable Sales Invoice Items under Settings tab. This will allow you to create pre-defined items for invoices.

When creating new invoice, you can then select those items in Items column which will then auto-fill description.

I think I know what you are a saying, and just to be sure - do you mean inventory items that can be selected as "sales of inventory items? If so - yes I understand your suggestion, however the notes section is treated differently and does not need quantities and prices to be entered, and my thought was that it just stay as a note (nothing more) which also might mean that it behaves like text inside the notes box - i.e. if two txts were chosen they would just become two sentences straight after each other. For those service companies that might use this feature, their invoices might have a heading for their notes section which says “work done” - this might describe how the labour was used - for example - a regular job might be to clean and test, and apply tire-black to the side-walls if they were a garage, and a further comment might be a notice telling them they will be doing 1/2 price window tinting for December.

I understand that these items could be created as inventory items, and I might do this for myself, but as you already have a default notes comment - a few more would make the process and layout more fun and intuitive. As the program is - I think it is so much easier than what I was using, I think as I get to running it day by day this week, I will be more inclined to do my paperwork instead of avoiding and procrastinating doing it! Thank you guys for what is there now - I just thought some others might find this idea worth thinking about and may use it too.

I’m not actually talking about inventory items. Manager has concept of “invoice items” which are basically memorized line items on invoice (nothing to do with inventory). You can enable those invoice items under Settings tab and selecting Sales invoice items.

I am not sure how to do an embarrassed emoticon :blush: so this is the best I could find!

I did not understand the distinction until I went to play with it specifically and I could make this work for me, Just re think how I do my invoice/job cards. I see that these items still have a qty and price attached to them and so look like normal invoicing items on the default invoice form. What I was hoping for was the extension of your notes system, which as I mentioned is treated differently and looks like notes rather than invoice items, and can be separated on the printed forms easily too.

If no one else thinks this is a good idea - I will shut up - I just thought it was in keeping with the fun and ease of use paradigm you have in Manager. Does anyone use Thunderbird and tried Quicktext? Am I alone here :smile:

But the information you want to include on invoice can be in description column. If you don’t enter any amounts on line items, amounts (such as quantity and line total) should be hidden so it doesn’t look ugly.

I have enabled sales invoice items, but I cant find where to add these items. Suspect I am being dim.

You need to go to Settings, click Customize, Tick Sales Invoice Items then click Update.
You will then see Sales Invoice Items in settings.

Thank you. I thought I was being dim :smile: