Quantity on hand calculation

In manager 17.4.21 i can easily input quantity on hand, Average cost to get the total value of my inventory item on hand, this is a very useful feature. How do i do this in manager 19.7.24.

earlier on the previous version i will go to inventory items tab by the left, selecting starting balance as at a particular date, then i will input quantity on hand, Average Cost and my Value on hand will be calculated automatically. Please how do i do this in manager 19.7.24

read the guide on setting starting balances.
Manager has evolved a lot in the 2 years since your old version.

There is the Inventory Value Summary under Reports.

Be aware that starting balances should only be set once, when you first start using Manager. It sounds like you are doing this on a regular basis, which will completely destroy the utility of your accounts. Starting balances are not a calculation or reporting tool. They are a means for migrating to Manager from another accounting system.