Quantity in fixed assets

Is there an option to record quantity in fixed assets?

Quantity in fixed assets wouldn’t make sense. The whole point of fixed assets is to manage depreciation for each asset. Even if you have 5 identical computers or cars, you might have bought them at different time so depreciation amounts might vary as per each asset.

If you have purchased 5 fixed assets at the same time, you might track them as single fixed asset in Manager if you like.

Thanks for your prompt reply, but where to show that I have 5 computers if they were bought at the same time?

I would suggest to create these 5 computers as 5 separate fixed assets. Sooner or later, one of those computers will be sold or written-off and it will be pretty straightforward to dispose one of them when the time comes.

Fixed assets are not inventory items. Each fixed asset (even if you have multiple identical) has its own lifetime and often different disposal date.

Thanks a lot.
This is a great idea.