Fixed assets

What is the best and most correct explanation with why.
Dear I assume that I have 5 types of cars and 5 types of furniture and 5 types of houses, do I enter them through the fixed assets and link them with the fixed assets account
Or define the tree of accounts
Calculation of cars, furniture and equipment and linking accounts to them.

Also dear, what is the effect on the financial statements, the balance sheet, do they have the same effect?

Read the Guide:

Whether you include all fixed assets in the automatically created Fixed assets account or separate them into categories is entirely up to you. To separate them, read this Guide: There is an example.

good , thank you dear
dear i want to ask you
By virtue of your experience what would you prefer to follow …
Are you my place? What will you choose? I think you are an expert in accounting and you have an opinion on that

You give the impression that you are inexperienced in both accounting and use of the Manager program. Therefore, I would leave all fixed assets in the default Fixed assets account. That will be easier to set up. If you later want to change things, you can.

Dear I am new in this program however. I want to study it well and think it is good and fun
I will give you a simple introduction about myself. I am a legal accountant and I am trying at this time to use this software for business

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