Quadruplicate copy of invoice


How are you?

I am writing to you from India.

We have two type of Sales Invoices applicable here - Form 8B and Form8.

For form 8, the rule says that the invoice has to be prepared in Quadruplicate copies.

The Original copy for the buyer for the purpose of claiming Input Tax Credit.
The Duplicate Copy for the transport copy
The triplicate for filing at the check post
The Quadruplicate to be retained with the seller.

Please advice if there are options to prepare the Form 8 Tax invoice with Quadruplicate copies.

We cannot make separate prints as each invoice requires the copy type (Original, Duplicate, Triplicate & Quadruplicate) to be mentioned on the top of the page.

Looking for an earliest response.


Juneed Siddeek

Manager has no such capability. Perhaps rubber stamps on multiple printed copies would fill your need? There are certainly many users of Manager in India, and no one has ever mentioned this to my knowledge.

Get some stamps for this purpose please like @Tut said

How are other Manager users in India, resolving this issue ?

Stamps would be ok for small volume. For higher volume have pre-printed NCR (carbonless) paper and use a dot matrix printer - the ones for holy side paper

Just a thought but why not edit the template so that the invoice is repeated several times in one theme, each time with a different title for each of your different uses?

Simply copy your existing template into a new template.

Then copy and paste the code into this three more times.

Go through each of them and add the "Original, Duplicate… " etc after the word {{title}}.

Replace the <table> tag with <table style="page-break-before: always;"> so that each copy invoice is printed on a separate page.

Then you are set to use this one template to produce 4 copies of your invoice with the correct titles to each copy.


This is the basic template I have quickly adapted. (Hopefully no errors but please do check!) Simply copy and paste the code into the new theme and all should run smoothly… I hope!

basic template - quadruplicate.pdf (56.2 KB)

This is how it should print:
Example of fictional company.pdf (73.4 KB)

Very creative, @cdssal. But remember, themes apply to all forms, not just sales invoices.

Thanks @cdssal.

I will try this and let you know the results.

I am planning to make a theme for Form 8B and another theme called Form 8
like using your codes.

Things where a bit more easier while there was the option to create



@nicejithu Sorry, when I say template I mean a template for a theme so should work with the new themes.

As @Brucanna mentioned, this will be applied to everything with the new template. If you need to just show the four copies on the invoices only then include before the invoice is first repeated:

{% if title == "Invoice" %}

and then at the very end:

{% endif %}

You may need to put this around where it says original in the first page of the template.

Let me know how it goes and if you need any help give us a shout. If needed I can send you the updated version to include what I just mentioned.

I tried to do this to achieve a second page with my terms & conditions, but this only works when printing?
I need to send my invoices via mail. It seems that printing an invoice is different of generating a pdf of it??

Yes, they are different. PDF creates a file. Print prints the form directly.