Qty to receive / deliver incorrect after new Manager Cloud update


After one of the recent updates to Manager Cloud, my quantities to deliver to customers, and quantities to receive from suppliers, are suddenly showing strange amounts that were not there before.

I waited for this to go away with a more recent update but I am still seeing these numbers. Checking the details, they date back from 2016. Something was done in a recent Manager update and it seems to have thrown off the accounging on quantities to receive and to deliver.

@lubos do you know what this could be?

The current version has the following update:

So, if you want the information you had from your transactions, you have to select Edit Columns and then categories you need.
I believe that this is what you are looking for.

The issue seems to be that sales orders now have “qty to deliver” tracked which they didn’t before. Even marking an old sales order “canceled” doesn’t remove “qty to deliver”. Is the solution to delete all sales orders and convert them to quotes to decouple them?

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This seems to be a new bug in Manager. It was definitely introduced with the update you mentioned and hopefully @Lubos sees this. Obviously an update should’t break the accounting of old transactions. The problem seems to be the sales orders and how QTY is calculated. Let me illustrate:

Sales Order 123 from 2022-07-20 for $1,672.31
Copied to an invoice later, and invocie was updated to account for 5 more items actually bought.
Qty to deliver now states -5 because the SO and invoice don’t match.

Since I started paying for manager.io many years ago there was never functionality in the sales orders that allowed for tracking, etc. Only invoices were tracked since sales orders were not yet confirmed.

What has actually changed? Why do I need to modify records from 2016 all of a sudden? It seems like a bug to me since qty to deliver went by invoices and not sales orders.

I just copied all sales orders to sales quotes, removed all reference to sales orders from delivery notes and invoices, and deleted the sales orders. Now manager shows I have -3 to deliver and no indication where this number comes from, just a blank screen.