Qty (obsolete vs new)

Hi, why are my Obsolete and new Qty on hand, to receive, and to deliver are different?
The accurate ones are the Obsolete, all the New ones are incorrect.

No one can possibly answer your question. You need to explain what you are showing, how you obtained duplicate columns, etc. Even then, no one can explain specific numbers because we cannot see your records.

You need to drill down on the columns to see what transactions contribute to them. Inventory quantities are almost impossible to troubleshoot remotely. You will have to carefully examine your drill-downs to track a specific inventory item, transaction by transaction.

Because they show different things see


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i mean, if the Obsolete Qty is one day to be removed, then I would have problem with the inventory management, because it doesn’t show the proper Qty.

Manager is continuously evolving, introducing better ways of doing things.

Please look at the new approach for inventory quantity management. Hopefully you will find it is actually a better, and no longer want to use the obsolete fields in the future.

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