Purchases dont factor in net profit

My net profit is only the sales minus expenses. my purchasinginvoices do not affect it at all. when its in liabilities and after payment itstill does not factor in

You are making mistakes in your data entry:

  • The Starting balance equity account indicates starting balances were not set up correctly. This account is created automatically when Assets does not equal the sum of Liabilities and Equity in order to force your books to balance.

  • Suspense is where Manager stores incorrect or unbalanced transactions until you fix them.

Until all problems involving those two accounts are resolved, it is impossible to know what else is going on. I suspect your purchase invoices are not properly posted.

now purchase invoices and liabilities affect the netprofit
but the purachase invoices for some inventory items deduct the right amount from the netprofit but some other inventory item doesn’t deduct the right amount from the netprofit? why?

note: i’m just editing the item in the same purchase invoice without changing anything else?!

You need to illustrate this with screen shots. Show the edit screens.