Purchase Price and Inventory Cost

My understanding, that; ‘Purchase Price’ and ‘Inventory Cost’, are the same! I am not sure. need help, please
If true, then, when I Batch Create Inventory, batch includes ‘Purchase Price’ as well. Therefore; why do I have to re-enter during ‘Journal Entry’?
Regards, Naf

Purchase price is the initial price when creating the inventory on starting with Manager,
After that the purchase price (known as Average Cost) will change based on your Purchase Invoices.

If your opening inventory item - widgets was 100 @ 1.00 then you purchased 100 more at 1.10, then the average cost would 1.05. Therefore as Manager doesn’t know the price on the Purchase Invoice you need to input it.

But the question is, why are you using Journal Entry in relation to Inventory Purchase Price.
Journals are used on odd occasion for making adjustment entries, not for processing transactions.

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Additionally, there could be non-purchase-price additions to inventory cost. See:

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I would like to know if I can see the latest purchase price of an item in ‘Inventory items’ tab. This is really important to calculate the sell price which varies very frequently in my case.

In the Inventory Items tab, click on the blue Total cost figure for the item. In this example, we are looking up Chef Anton’s Gumbo Mix:

Select the most recent, relevant purchase invoice. If you want, you can use the Search function to simplify the process, but that is not necessary:

View the relevant purchase invoice to see how much you paid. Note that if you purchase from several suppliers, you might want to pick an invoice according to who you will buy from next: