Purchase orders/reconciliation

I have been importing my bank statements for end of month reconciliation, when a payment to a supplier is imported I have (incorrectly) not been allocating that payment to a purchase order, so I have a heap of purchase orders showing “uninvoiced” Is there any way to mark these orders as being “recieved” but not affecting my stock levels? or do I have to go back and allocate the payment to the order #

Payments are not posted against purchase orders. They may be posted against specific purchase invoices in the supplier’s subaccount under Accounts payable.

You are misunderstanding how the program works and the accounting principles involved. A purchase invoice can be associated with a prior purchase order by selecting the order number when entering or editing the purchase invoice. This has absolutely nothing to do with payments. Associating the purchase order with the purchase invoice will cause the purchase order status to show as invoiced.

Receiving goods is also not associated with purchase orders, but with purchase invoices. If you are using goods receipts and the inventory item involved on a purchase invoice is set up for tracking of quantities received, the receipt of goods is controlled by the goods receipt. If you are not using goods receipts, inventory items are presumed to be received at the moment the purchase invoice is entered.

Payments are unrelated to inventory item quantities or, as already noted, to purchase orders. Payments are posted against Accounts payable. They satisfy a debt to your supplier. They do not record movement of goods unless you are purchasing in a non-credit transaction, that is, without a purchase invoice.