Purchase invoices (billable expenses) showing in suspense

I have a lot of my purchase invoices for billable expenses showing in suspense. Looking into each entry I can not see what the problem would be other than not having an item. Do all billable expenses need to be recorded as items first?

Billable Expenses is used to record purchases your business has made on behalf of your customer. They are then invoiced to your customer.

They are not invoiced to your supplier

Read the guides again
Record billable expenses | Manager
Invoice billable expenses | Manager


Your screen shot is not helpful for understanding your issue, because you obscured important information, such as the supplier’s and customer’s names. (If you are concerned about disclosing proprietary information, obscure only half their names, or illustrate your problem in a test business with sample names. And remember, you are anonymous on the forum.)

You are also using an obsolete version of the program. Update your software. It is possible you are using a version that temporarily had a bug.

I also wonder why you are not applying a tax code and do not have any tax codes defined. Are all your transactions non-taxable?

Thank you for your response.

I have updated my Manager IO file, however, the issue still remains.

Below are some screen shots of one of the transactions below:

The balance of the suspense account is made up of only Billable expenses.

I am from an island that does not have GST so no need for any tax codes.


The question is how you managed to enter the same purchase invoice twice with opposite effects. Please do the following:

  • Describe the actual flow of events. Who is the entity listed as your supplier? Who are Bill and Karen (listed as your customer)? What did each do for you and what did you do for each? Who sent you what invoices? What did you do in response?
  • Post a screen shot of the listing under Billable Expenses that includes this transaction. (Search for it first, if necessary to leave out unrelated transactions.)
  • Post a screen shot of the listing under Purchase Invoices that includes this transaction.

It would also be very helpful if you would create a test business to try to duplicate this. It only needs one customer and one supplier. It does not need any cash or bank accounts. Enter a purchase invoice using exactly the same procedures you used to originally enter this one. Show what the result is.