Purchase invoice rounding problem

We have entered a purchase invoice which totals $6,532.52 however when we go to the supplier to see the outstanding total we owe them, this invoice rounds down to $6,532.50.
I have not had this happen before. Can anyone assist please :slight_smile:

Can you demonstrate with screenshots? Also, drill-down into outstanding total… there could be another transaction in there.

I have included a screenshot of the actual purchase invoice and I’ll send a second reply with a screenshot of the purchase invoices for the supplier that shows the purchase invoice total rounded down. It won’t allow me to include 2 in the one reply as I am a new user :slight_smile:

Thanks. This is a bug. Please check the latest version ( which should be fixing this issue.

But since this is purchase invoice, percentage discounts can be tricky because there are at least 3 different calculation methods. You can’t control which one the supplier is using.

Manager calculation method is to multiply qty by unit price, then round the undiscounted total, then calculate the discount and round again.

The reason why we are doing it this way is so each sub-total within line item is rounded. This is useful when you want to summarize your line items across many invoices. You will see figures with decimal places of the used currency at every step (in your case 2)

Thanks so much for your assistance.
We are on the Cloud edition. Should this not automatically have the latest version of Manager along with updates?

I have in the past had to make adjustments due to percentage discounts so I always check that first.

Actually I just noticed that our version on the Cloud edition is version!

How would I update our cloud edition to version please?

Go to customer portal at https://cloud.manager.io, login, then click Restart Cloud Server. That will force the upgrade immediately.

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